In my last post I touched on the motives behind my rebranding process, but I wanted to talk about it in a bit more depth. It’s been a lot of work behind the scenes, and it’s not for the faint of heart, but I feel like the end results are WELL worth it.

My old site and branding were about as sterile as it gets. It in no way reflected who I was as a person or a photographer, and it did nothing to set me apart. I want everything that I put out to be an extension of who I am as a person and photographer.

The first order of business was to get my branding on track. And that starts with a logo. All of my life I’ve steered clear of doing anything with my last name because it was the obvious approach, but I knew if I really wanted my branding to be an extension of who I was, I had to embrace it.

Luckily I’m very blessed that one of my nearest and dearest friends, Amanda Purcell of McClearen Design Studios, is a very talented graphic designer by trade (and practically a gourmet-level chef as a hobby, seriously, check our her blog The Artsy Kitchen).

On the left is a snippet from the old look of the site, and on the right is what my severely lacking design skills put together for Amanda to get an idea of the direction I wanted to go.

I wanted the actual logo design to play off of my last name, but it also has very sentimental meaning to me because birds represent many things including those loved ones who are no longer with us (the banner has three birds, the one in my logo to represent my mom as well as two additional birds which represent grandparents). I also wanted the logo to be a reflection of my own personal style, as I’m a big fan of very simple, clean, classic styling (a la Polo Ralph Lauren). We also discussed the business changes I was making and how those would influence the design. proved to be an invaluable asset in the design phase, as I was able to assemble an inspiration board for Amanda which you can see by clicking here). Based on all of that, here is what Amanda came up with. . .

The rest of the logo tweaks and design changes were merely revisions based on what you see here.

Once the design work was completed, it was time to turn my attention outward. I wanted my product offerings and client deliverables to have the highest level of care and attention to detail behind them. If you checked out my Pinterest inspiration board you’ll see that many of the things I like are natural and organic–so I set out to gather new materials for making client presentation folders and deliverables (which are hand-assembled personally by me).

The last steps were to write all of the new information and content for the site, and then code all of the design elements into the blog, portfolio, and client proofing sites.

It’s been a journey to say the least. I’ve lost track of the hours that have been invested in this project. To finally debut it to the world is something truly special for me. And this is just the beginning.

I’ve always believed that if you’re doing something good that you’re passionate about and that you’re not afraid to work hard for, you will be successful. I’ve done freelance photography work for 10 years now, but making wedding photography a full-time career has only recently became a reality, and you can bet that I’ll be working harder than ever and pushing myself on every level to make sure that this dream stays a reality.

To each and every one of you, thank you so much for the love, support, and encouragement over the years. None of this would have been possible without you.

All the best,

– Josh