Married // Sara & Vince

When Sara initially contacted me she said her and Vince were having live music and homebrewed beer at their wedding at the Ambrose House, an old historic home in East Nashville. What she didn’t tell me about was the sort of relationship her and Vince have–one built on love, friendship, laughter and lightheartedness–but she didn’t have to. All of those things were glaringly obvious in the first few moments of our first meeting together (Sara also forgot to mention that she is an amazing graphic designer and illustrator whose creative vision played a large part in the details of this wedding and that Vince is an awesome singer/songwriter whose Indie-Americana sound is both original and reminiscent of Nashville’s roots).

As their closest friends and family came together to celebrate the beginning of their marriage I couldn’t help but feel a collective sense of genuine happiness for the people these two were both individually and together.

Their wedding was simply beautiful. From the gorgeous florals by Bloom to the poster favors from Nashville’s legendary Hatch Show Print, from Sara’s delicate lace gown with capped sleeves and keyhole back to Vince’s song for Sara and her dad’s father/daughter dance, everything had a very personal touch tying to Sara and Vince, her vision and his music, the place they call home and the love they share.

 Film images on Kodak Portra 160, 400 & 800 and Fuji 400H color + Ilford Delta 400 and Kodak Tri-X 400 B&W film