Fontanel Mansion Nashville Wedding


This wedding rocked–literally. Everything took place at The Fontanel Mansion, former home of music legend Barbara Mandrell. The beautiful outdoor ceremony was followed by a killer reception where Bueller, Nashville’s best 80s cover band, shook the entire house all night long (including the groom crashing the band and rocking out on a variety of instruments as well as vocals).

This wedding had it all: fun family and friends, beautiful details, a spectacular setting, amazing food, live music, and a pool covered in glass as the dance floor!

I can’t thank Joe Hendricks enough for asking me to second for him on this wedding. Joe and I are an interesting mash-up of talent. Joe is vibrant and energetic both in personality and photographic style, loving vivid colors and off-camera lighting, whereas I have a more subdued personality and a softer style of photography focused on using natural light. They say opposites attract and I think our differing styles lent themselves really well to being paired together. The collaboration was also a perfect fit for this particular wedding as it had elements that were both in-your-face as well as softer and more romantic.

You can see Joe’s view of the day on his blog (for privacy/publicity reasons we’re unable to release the bride’s name or any direct images of her). These are a few of my favorite images I captured.

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  1. Brian Davis June 23, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Duuude these are looking good. Loving the details and reception shots.

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